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Demand for English or Social Studies teachers?

Avatar Noel Blakley

Noel Blakley Message 1

3 juillet 2018, 13:12

Hey everyone, 

I know I want to break into the IS world, but I'm still working on figuring out exactly which subject area I am going to teach. I waver back and forth between HS English and HS Social Studies, but I worry that I will have an extremely difficult time finding a job in either.What is the reality of the situation? Am I crazy to try and go into these less in-demand fields, or is it doable. My issue, of course, is that these are the two subjects I feel most passionate about, so I think I have to pursue one or the other either way.The advantages I have are that I am young(26), single, and willing to work pretty much anywhere for a couple of years to pay my dues, whether that means podunk USA, rural China, the M.E., or whatever else.Anyhow, any wisdom or advice on how to break into these fields would be greatly appreciated!

Please help.

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