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Need help for a music mod.

Avatar Noel Blakley

Noel Blakley Message 1

18 juillet 2018, 08:00


I just need help with something simple ( at least I hope it is ).I want to make an alternative soundtrack for FTL, and I just made the title theme. But I can't implement it in the game. I'm not experienced with modding games but as far as I got it, all I need to do is make an archive.ftl that contains the folders audio\music\name_of_track; and implement it with the slipstream mod manager. I named the it bp_MUS_TitleScreen, same as original, in hopes it will just replace the old one, so I don't need to add it with scripts or something because I'm not that sophisticated :P I do that and nothing happens. The game starts with it's old title track.Please tell me if I'm missing something. I would really like to make a completely new fan made soundtrack, but I won't go on, if I can't implement it. 

Please help

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