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Caching Issues with Cinema Director

Avatar Larry Boyd

Larry Boyd Message 1

6 août 2018, 16:26


Having issues with Cinema Director where the plugin for Unity is overwriting my original scene outside Preview Mode.Unity Version 5.5.1f1,Director Version,I have main scenes setup, with various Cut Scenes in Director, set for different outcomes based on user input. While editing these cutscenes (objects, meshes, cameras, etc.), in preview mode, I'll setup game objects to move accordingly with keyframe curves, from the original positioning in current Scene, and adjust the transitions, rotations, and camera FieldOfView. However, after finish editing, and exiting Preview Mode, sometimes the game assets goes back to original positioning, and other times, the assets stick to their final position at the end of director timeline. This effects game objects in other director cutscenes, and the main scene which breaks the game scenes. It's forced me to redo the animation work multiple times, reseting work in my scenese, and I keep getting cache errors, like director is attempting to overwrite parameters I've already set in the main scene (examples attached).This is a major workflow issue, any suggestions? 

Please help.

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